Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4360...Tough On Crime Tories Not Tough On Pedo

Graham James, a serial child f*cker, has just been sentenced to two years in jail in Canada's head copper, Vic Toews, hometown of Winnipeg.

Good thing he wasn't smoking a joint at the time or he'd be in big trouble, eh Vic?

We are getting the Canada we deserve; Stop Stephen Harper.


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  1. well, the fact of the matter is, new laws are passing that will implement mandatory minimum sentences for things like drug trafficking and child molestation.
    Now a mandatory minimum sentence is a bad thing because it robs the judge of discretion. A sixteen year old guy who has consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend is not a sex offender, but he is breaking the law. So is the girl. A grown man fucking kids is a sicko who needs to be caged, possibly forever.
    The weird part is new sentencing protocols force judges to impose a sentence that may be far too much for the offense, or far too little.

    For example, if you get popped growing a single pot plant for you and your girl to toke for fun - 9 months in a cage. No ifs ands or buts, just jail.
    Pass a joint or hook up a buddy with a single joint near a mall? That is trafficking - six months in the cage.

    BUt if you are an adult who forces a five year old girl to accept vaginal penetration from the penis of a living canine..... you are only facing 3-6 months in a cage.

    This, to me, suggests that Harper feels pot growing is worse that getting some child to fuck a dog.

    Imagine what he puts his own kids through.

    Also, Harper knows that jail means lots of rape. So really, he is using his pot laws to rape thousands of people with OTHER INMATE'S DICKS!

    Consider also that his voter bas - the really loyal voter base - have similar attitudes about women and kids in regards to sex and "consent" - yes, I am implying that CPC voters are child molesting rapist hillbillies - ......