Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4339...In PM Harper's AB It's Okay To Hit Women

That is what almost one in ten men in Stephen Harper's stomping grounds in Alberta say.

Amanda Stephenson at Postmedia News and The Calgary Herald reports that "The telephone survey, conducted in February by Leger Marketing, quizzed 1,000 Alberta men about their attitudes on gender equity and domestic violence."

Over one in five men in Alberta think it is okay to slap a kid in the face.

It is not surprising to note that Alberta [and Saskatchewan] have the highest rates of domestic violence in Canada.


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  1. Having lived in alberta for over 35 years, i feel qualified to report that when it comes to violence against women, most of the hicks in alberta treat their dogs better than their women.
    a political party that caters to this mentality, i.e. Harper's conservatives, will always get elected here. it is also no surprise that the provincial Tories will rule here forever.