Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4392...Cut And Paste From The Legendary Punk

Warren Kinsella. In today's Sun's.

Mulcair’s the wrong choice – but hat’s off to the NDP
March 25th, 2012, 12:00 am

Here’s the thing about the NDP.

They suddenly lost their charismatic, talented leader in the summer. They had an interim leader who used to be a card-carrying separatist.
They had a leadership race that was duller than dishwater. They have a caucus bursting at the seams with children, none of whom were expected to get their deposit back, let alone elected. They haven’t said or done anything of significance inside or outside the House of Commons since
May 2011. In fact, they have had a year that has been remarkably unremarkable.

But here’s the thing: As of this week, the pollsters at Environics tell us, they are tied for first place with the governing Conservative party. And their extraordinary victory in last May’s general election, which every pollster and pundit (including this one) regarded as temporary, an anomaly?

Well, it’s increasingly looking like it wasn’t temporary at all.

It is not coz they are so good. It coz everyone else sucks more.


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