Sunday, March 11, 2012

4331...Step Up To The Plate Pierre Poutine

Poutine, for those of you out of the know, is not only a tasty Quebecois dish, hailing from the home town of Johnny C, Shawinigan, it is also the Quebecois word for mess.

The anglais word for mess is, of course, Robocall.

A minute or three ago The Ottawa Citizen online dropped the knowledge that "The news that Elections Canada investigators are aware of the IP address that “Pierre Poutine” used to set up the Guelph robocall account has convinced a suspect to step forward and accept responsibility for the deceptive calls, sources say."

The story by Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor goes on to note that "...the CEO of RackNine, Matt Meier, was able to trace Poutine’s electronic trail back to a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is apparently assigned to a single home. Sources say that revelation has now convinced someone to step forward and own up to the scheme."

In a town, a province, a country where political stories have a three day arc [remember The Drummond Report? Me neither.] this puppy has legs.


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