Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4362...More On Graham James

On the record I believe that mandatory sentencing is both insane and has been proven to not work in The States.

Additionally I think that three strikes laws are ludicrous.

But in this case, well Graham James cannot seem to A/keep it in his pants and B/out of teenage boys.

Two years? Seriously, if there was ever a case for the throw away the book sentence, this is it.

He is going to get out in four months, get a passport and move to Thailand and f*ck little boys for the rest of his life.

Thanks Stephen Harper; thanks Vic Toews.


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  1. This is a direct result of poor sex ed in schools. I kid you not. My kids in primary school in Toronto were taught, IN SCHOOL, no one touches you. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Find and adult and tell. Western Canada schools are STILL way behind in talking about sex -- in all its aspects. Which is why kids believe that they have no other choice than to be abused. OH, an man on man, OMG, its the shame of being accused of being gay that helped James get away with his antics, and we still have the Catholic churches, and the Burnaby Parents against Gays stigmatizing this to be sure that kids are afraid to tell about abuse. A big chunck of this can be dumped squarely in front of the evangelical prudes keeping kids ignorant and ashamed.