Sunday, March 4, 2012

4310...Love Story

Was a sappy film that was all the rage 40 plus years ago.

Roy MacGregor wrote a great piece in The Globe And Mail yesterday about David Johnston, our Governor General, who was referenced in that flick.

What I didn't know about Mr. GG was that he was quite the hockey star, captaining the Crimson of Harvard and being named an All-American twice.

For those of you that don't follow NCAA hockey, Harvard is a big time program. They've won the championship at least once and cranked out a lot of great players and managers such as Boston Bruin general manager and former Harvard captain Peter Chiarelli.

Mr. Johnson did not go on to the NHL but he seems to have made out okay.

He also exhibited a sense of humour to Mr. McGregor. The pair were skating around the big old rink at Rideau Hall and the GG told the writer that ""If you bodycheck me...that fellow over there will shoot you.'He points with his stick toward a large man wearing a snow-dusted overcoat over his weaponry: RCMP security. The man smiles and nods back, as if in agreement. I back off."


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