Saturday, March 3, 2012

4308...Why Quebec City Will Fail In The NHL

For the same reason Winnipeg is going to lose its team within twenty years.

How are you going to convince your wife to live there?

Winnipeg and Quebec City have different issues but ultimately they are both backwaters with little or nothing to do for the wife and kids. And they, the wife and kids, are the ones that have to live there.

Quebec is French to the max which is charming if you are a tourist, not so charming if you grew up elsewhere on the planet and now have to deal with a language that is not yours.

The weather sucks hugely too.

Same deal in Winnipeg in terms of weather. No language problem but that is replaced with a ridiculously high crime rate. They don't play in Winnipeg.

You can hate on me for this if you wish but historically both towns have not been uber successful in attracting star players coz of the following three keys:




See Eric Lindros and Ralph Call Me Dieter Brock for proof.


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