Thursday, May 9, 2013

5972...Marching Season In Ottawa

Not good for traffic but a great spectacle nonetheless are the various groupings of people who use Parliament Hill as a place to get the word, whatever word that is, out, wherever out is.

Marching season kicks off with marijuana activists who inexplicably have picked Adolf Hitler's birthday to gather on the Hill, get high and then the marching turns into napping, munchies and a banner day for the McDonald's two blocks from the Hill.

Today CFRA reports that "The 16th Annual National March for Life was held in Ottawa...drawing more than 12,000 pro-life supporters to Parliament Hill as well as a smaller group of pro-choice supporters who held a counter-rally."  

The pro-life supporters, most of whom were sober, then proceeded to march down two busy downtown streets, screwing traffic up completely.  


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