Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5813...I Want To Be An Ottawa Senator

Not the kind that skate.  Too much travel.  Plus I can't skate backwards or raise the puck.

I want to be the kind that work, lol, on Parliament Hill.


Whose idea was this btw?  Like it is ridiculous.  

Then it gets more ridiculous.  

The Globe and Mail has this story about a small town Saskatchewan girl made good who is now a Senator.  Pamela Wallin is her name.  She is frazzled with all the work she has to do on the Hill so she "...has stepped down as chair of the Senate’s national security and defence committee, citing personal reasons."  Me thinks that the personal reasons are that the paycheck for the Conservative Senator looks pretty much the same with or with out that gig.  Plus at this point she isn't resume building.  "Ms. Wallin has also withdrawn as a member of that committee, as well as the foreign affairs committee and the subcommittee on veteran’s affairs, the Senate communications office confirmed on Tuesday."

More time for Maury.  Who could blame her?


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