Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5931...Tim Tebow And Justin Trudeau

Tim Tebow was cut by the New York Jets, the Super Bowl III champions.

For those of you who, horrors, are not football fans, all that Mr. Tebow did in high school was win.  All he did in college, Florida Gators, was win.  All he did his first year as a pro with Denver was win.  He wasn't given the opportunity to win with the winners of Super Bowl III [we are up around fifty or sixty by now, er, L or LX I meant] so they fired him.  Smooth.

Justin Trudeau is cut of the same cloth.  All he does is win.  The difference between the team he quarterbacks, The Big Red Machine, and the winners of Super Bowl III, is that Big Red is smart.  Win pretty, win ugly, just win.  Like in the good old days with King, Trudeau I and Jean Chretien.

That is why the Stephen Harpers are running scared.


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