Thursday, April 25, 2013

5909...Anti Trudeau Conservative Householders

I think they are also called 10 per centers, no?

Anyhow I think these ones are especially weird.  They make Justin Trudeau look messianic in that weird 4.99 novel kind of way.  Our beloved Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the other looks like he could use an Ex-Lax break.

Like, seriously, wtf are they thinking at the PMO?  Or drinking, coz smoking would be illegal.


1 comment:

  1. One looks like a real swashbuckling pirate..
    someone who may be interesting to meet.. refreshing, alive & vibrant
    would drop by your place for a beer and nachos.. talk into the night..
    Would have a good book in his backpack
    Your sister would want to meet him, so would your mom.. trustworthy

    The other looks like a wax museum Stephen Harper
    a real boring stuffed full of shite suit .. old, smelly, musty, stale ..
    would come to your door, pitching his religion and taking donations.
    Would have a bible in his briefcase
    Your sister and mom would ask who the creep was at the door.. shifty