Saturday, April 27, 2013

5923...Another Secret From Victoria

At least a secret to those of us east of Crowsnest Pass.  British Columbia is having an election.

Christy Clark by Kris Krug 05.jpg

The Liberals, under Chrissy Clark, have been in a majority since the turn of the century.  Alas it doesn't look good for them this time out.  The latest poll, done by Angus-Reed, has the party in power at 31, Adrian Dix's NDP at 45 and the Greens and Conservatives at 11 and 10.  

Adrian Dix cropped.jpg has the Dippers getting a huge majority, the most probable numbers being 65-19.   What surprises moi is the fact that the Greens are predicted to get shut out.  I thought that this was their base of power.  Me musta thought wrong.


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