Thursday, April 11, 2013

5847...Ontario Leads The Way

CFRA reports that Ontario is number one!

A new report from the Fraser Institute finds that Ontario's electricity is the most expensive in North America because of the Green Energy Act.  Lead author Dr. Ross McKitrick tells CFRA the conservative think-tank studied the costs of expanding to renewable energy.   "The drain on the public budget, the effect on manufacturing operating costs — just on those bases there, just on the hard cost numbers, we're looking at diminished manufacturing activity and much higher electricity prices in the province," he says.  Dr. McKitrick adds the Green Energy Act is costing $200-million a year and argues that less expensive alternatives could have achieved similar greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  The report did not study the long-term sustainability of energy sources.
The key sentence in the story of course is "The report did not study the long-term sustainability of energy sources."

One thing about the McGuinty cum Wynne government is that they, unlike, for example, Stephen Harper, project into the future and understand that Ontario needs to have options and different channels of energy sources.


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