Saturday, April 27, 2013

5921...Rita MacNeil’s death should make us angry‏

That is the headline over Andre Picard's story in the Globe and Mail yesterday.

The obese superstar died in a Cape Breton hospital later this month from an infection after a routine surgery. Apparently the hospital she was at, Cape Breton Regional Hospital, is the Wayne Gretzky of killing people.  Mr. Picard writes that "...the CBC program the fifth estate [sic] gave the Cape Breton Regional Hospital a D rating for its record on post-surgery mortality."  In fact “This hospital reports substantially more deaths after major surgery than the average hospital of the same size...”   Way more.  "...according to the ratings – 16.8 deaths per 1,000, almost double the national average of 8.6 deaths per 1,000."

Still you and other non Capers are not out of the woods; up to 12,000 Canuckistanians make it through the tough bits of surgery and end up dying of infection in hospital.  Per year.

Be angry.


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