Friday, April 19, 2013

5883...Dean Del Mastro, Mike Duffy, Senator Pony Tail

These guys have been dodging bullets for months.

Well, not so much for Senator Patrick Brazeau, but the other two, lemme tell you. reports that "Almost two months after Sen. Mike Duffy said he would refund the Senate money he claimed for a housing allowance, the leader of the government in the Senate said Thursday afternoon she has not received a formal report that Duffy has given back any money.
Sen. Marjory LeBreton couldn’t say if Duffy had paid any money back, but she and other senators are hoping that spending questions about Duffy and three other senators will be answered soon."
To refresh, Senator Duffy has lived in Kanata longer than most of the planet has been alive yet, for some reason, he claims to live in the province he represents, PEI.  In other words he is a crook.

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