Thursday, April 18, 2013

5881...Everybody Is Talking About Canada

My real world buddy, Facebook pal and assistant coach for the Maine Black Bears Nate Phillippe drops this knowledge on us.

“Everybody in the world is talking about Canada…outside of the US, there is probably no country in the world that is producing more blue-chip young basketball talent than Canada.” ~George Raveling

Those of us who follow the game have figured out that the great influx of kids from East Africa, i.e. The Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda, is coming to fruition.  When they came over in the early 1990s you had a bunch of kids who needed something to do.  They and their families had no strong ties to hockey, baseball, football.  The two natural sports to play were soccer and hoop.  Plus they were athletes, in the case of the Sudanese, big f*cking athletes.  They helped push kids who had been in Canada for generations to play better.  The result is that Canada, specifically the GTA, is now for real.


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