Sunday, April 21, 2013

5894...Dean Del Mastro Where For Art Thou?

This dude is a great bullet dodger, eh?


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  1. Dean slithered back to the tar pits ..
    and is safely hidden there for now
    in the primordial ooze..
    and the tailings ponds
    y'know ..

    I keep forgetting about him ..
    But that's like forgetting
    there's a vampire in your closet
    or an open septic tank on one side of parliament

    And that zombies like Joe Oliver
    and Peter Kent & Keith Ashfield
    are still roaming Canada, unchecked

    And troglodytes like Van Loan, Clement, Baird
    and unelected trash like Jenni Byrne,
    Arthur Hamilton, Fred De Lorey & Ray Novak
    are being paid handsomely to be disgusting pricks
    servicing Stephen Harper's distorted legislation