Thursday, April 25, 2013

5910...Premier Tim Hudak

That's what he would be called if an election were held tomorrow in Ontario.

"...according to a poll by Ipsos Reid done for Newstalk 1010, Global Television and the National Post...Around 37 per cent would vote for Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and 29 per cent would cast their ballot for NDP leader Andrea Horwath. Wynne is considered in a dead-heat with Horwath for second place with 28 per cent of decided voters supporting the Liberals."

In my view the big loser if an election is forced this spring would be the forcers, the NDP.  I believe they have a snowball's chance in hell of forming a guv and their peeps know that.  To that end I feel a lot of their support would migrate to the Liberals in the hope of stopping the train wreck that would be Premier Tim Hudak.


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  1. With those numbers a Conservative majority is doubtful (and the number would likely drop during an election because the Conservative would be force to talk about what they want to do, rather then complaining about scandals).

    That means a Conservative government would likely need support from the Liberals. With the Liberal's left leaning leader and the disaster that supporting the Conservatives federally ended up with, that seem unlikely.

    That all points to an NDP government.