Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5869...Tomorrow In Your Sun Marijuana News

As you know Hitler's birthday is coming up and we all know what that means.   Call centre employees, high school drop outs and fast food workers play hooky and roll up onto Parliament Hill to smoke dope under the noses of the RCMP and parliamentarians.

As you also know this celebration, 420, does zero to further the legalization of pot; in my view it retards it coz it reinforces conservative [and Conservative] stereotypes of pot smokers.  The movement needs its Rosa Parks.  And she ain't gonna smell of pitruli oil.

But I am looking forward to a piece that Anthony Furey of the Suns was promoing on 580 CFRA's The Lunch Bunch today.  Apparently he is writing a wee piece where he asks why.  Why the Conservatives in Ottawa are against legalizing it.  Why they have brought in inane and insane minimum sentences.  Why can't you grow it with your tomatoes and zucchini in the backyard this summer.

If you need the 50 cents put it on my tab, k?


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