Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5875...Toronto's Rob Ford Goes International !!!

Sure Rob Ford may be the Mayor of Toronto but he is the butt of jokes all over God's green earth.

The Daily Mail, that is a brit fish wrap, ran this tight little story yesterday about a city, its mayor and TV cameras.

Portly Toronto Mayor Rob Ford bruised more than just his ego when he managed to walk face first into a TV news camera on Monday.Being surrounded by TV cameras is an occupational hazard for any busy official, but that didn’t stop Ford from walking straight into one as rushed out of a meeting at city hall.‘Ah f*** man. Holy Christ!’ exclaimed the gaffe-prone official as he rubbed his face after the run-in. ‘Holy. Guys have some respect, you just hit me in the face with a camera.’

As you are aware hizzoner is involved heavily in football.  Could he not just borrow a helmet?  Full face of course.


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