Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5812...Justin Bieber Disrupts Norway

Got home from work, just chillaxing and reading the Oslo Dagbladet, I have home delivery, and I find a story about a fellow Ontarioioioian.  None other than Justin Bieber.

Turns out the Biebs is quite the star in Norway.  

Such a big deal that some "Norwegian schools have moved exams that clashed with Justin Bieber’s concerts in the country, fearing some fans would rather cut class than miss out on an evening with the Canadian heart throb.  “We find it regrettable, but we preferred to move forward the Norwegian exams to avoid problems,” Roar Aasen, the headmaster of an upper secondary school in Aalesund on Norway’s west coast [said]...In total, five schools in the town — more than a seven hours’ drive from Oslo — decided not to hold exams on April 16 and 17 since they coincided with two of Bieber’s three gigs in the Norwegian capital."

Scoff you may but when you think about it they, the administrators, were progressive in their actions.  If you ask a 17 year old in Aalesund which is more important, seeing how Selena Gomez' ex is fairing or writing an Algebra exam, you know what the answer will be.


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