Thursday, April 4, 2013

5818...Ex Raptor Gets Kid Kicked Out Of School


Where I am thinking toting a gun is not a big deal.

Haircuts coz problems though.

Ball Don't Lie reports that
A young San Antonio Spurs fan faces an in-school suspension on Thursday if he doesn’t somehow find a way to alter the image of Matt Bonner that was shaved into the back of his head. You read the previous sentence correctly. The Spurs forward, who is averaging just 14.6 minutes per game in the postseason, has apparently made such an impact on Woodlake Hills Middle School student Patrick Gonzalez that the youngster decided to have a hairstylist shave an image of the Spurs sharpshooter into the back of his haircut.
Guns, okay.  Cool haircuts, not so much.


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