Sunday, April 1, 2012

4416...I Thought Marty Burke Wanted Public Life

I mean, seriously, you ran for Parliament and everything.

So you chose the public life but now you are being a b*tch about the whole thing.

Federal Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke and his wife have filed a harassment complaint with the city police over a visit to their home by a reporter this month.

Guelph Deputy Police Chief Bryan Larkin said the police service received a complaint from the Burkes after a Guelph Mercury reporter seeking an interview approached their home on March 16.

An officer met with the couple and took their statement, which was forwarded to the police service's criminal investigations branch.

But Larkin said the service determined the Mercury reporter who attended at the home engaged in standard journalistic practice and failed to do anything that was criminal.

Bad enough you cheated and lost but now you are picking on the Guelph Mercury. Geez, you are a b*tch. Good thing for the people of Guelph that you aren't their man in Ottawa.


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