Tuesday, October 6, 2009

986...I Think Jack Layton Wants To Be In Cabinet

And if he has to switch parties, oh well.

Now hear me out, the Hudson, QC born and raised blue blooded Mr. Layton comes from a long line of politicians.

Blue pols.

His daddy, Robert Layton, was a Liberal Party hack who wasn't getting what he wanted from the Big Red Machine so he switched parties and became a cabinet minister under President Brian Mulroney.


His granddaddy was a member of Premier Maurice Duplessis' super conservative Union Nationale cabinet in the late '30s.


The current Mr. Layton is the boss of the NDP, the party that is propping up the Stephen Harpers.


If he sticks with the Conservatives, and he will, he will become really important with an Honourable in front of his name and everything, just like daddy and granddaddy.

You read it hear first.

Bonus: when he beomes cabinet minister he'd get a bike with fenders, a bell and everything.


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