Saturday, October 10, 2009

1008...Could Not Have Said It Better Myself

Bruce Codere of Fox Creek, which I presume is a suburb of Edmonton, gets a letter that sums it all up printed in this day's edition of the Edmonton Sun.

Stephen Harper is a control freak. He's good at it. He makes use of this skill, for good or ill. He chose to sing he gets high with a little help from his friends to great effect. Hypocrisy is natural for him; he plays with it.

Conservative pot smokers will have their internal contradictions on what he says versus what he does magically erased. They'll just see the human side of him and feel fuzzy.

Non-Conservative pot smokers have failed doing anything to derail him, so he's not worried on that front. The Liberals and NDP are as inept as the Conservatives, but they don't have the backing Harper has.

He's openly against the culture that brought us the music, but he'll take the music gladly and do everything he can to control the culture that produced it.

He plays the piano and sings fairly well for a prime minister, but he played the public like a renowned virtuoso.



  1. Fox Creek is about 3 hours north of Edmonton, less than 2500 residents. just saying

  2. "Fox Creek, which I presume is a suburb of Edmonton,"

    I guess, if you smoke enough pot, it could be......


  3. I usta live in Saskatchewan; 3 hours north of Edmonton IS a suburb.

    Think about it.

    They get their news their big shopping in...and apparently, have some kick ass pot...