Thursday, January 31, 2013

5573...Thoughts On Katherine Wynne

I am elated that my party picked Katherine Wynne as our new leader and the new Premier of Ontario.  As an aside I would have been thrilled no matter who they picked; the slate of candidates was that awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Dalton McGuinty did an awesome job guiding the most important province in Canada through difficult times.  The wheels kinda fell off in the last six months or so but, let's face it, he is no Tim Hudak and for that we can all be greatful.

In my opinion the new Premier does have a lot of challenges and the biggest of them all is to separate herself from the trainwreck that was the end game for Mr. McGuinty.

What she is going, in my view, to do is push the party leftward, make it more progressive which will isolate Mr. Hudak and his poverty and immigrant hating Progressive [lol] Conservatives and neutralize the NDP.


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