Sunday, January 6, 2013

5488...Stephen Harper Is A Sons Of Anarchy Guy

No guns in Charming and no guns in Canada.  But...Stephen Harper and John Baird and their gang are all about creating and keeping jobs in Canada.  If they have to kill a bunch of those people, well, they are all about creating and keeping jobs in Canada.   

Mike Blanchfield had the story earlier this week via The Canadian Press and wrote that "Just one day be-fore last month's elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., Canada offered its gun merchants 'new market opportunities' to export assault weapons to Colombia, one of the world's most violent countries.  Canada quietly eased its ban on the export of assault-style weapons to Colombia after Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recommended an order amending the Automatic Firearms Country Control List."

To wit "Colombia has been added to a list that includes Canada's 27 NATO allies, along with Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Botswana, where prohibited firearms manufactured in this country may be sold."  In the same way Jax Teller and the gang keep the troubles in Ireland going the Ottawa branch of the SOA are keeping thing perculating in Columbia.


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