Monday, January 28, 2013

5570...NDP Wants To Make Separation Easier

Judy Sgro, a Liberal MP and a proud proponent of a united Canada, you know like in the song, From Sea To Shining Sea, tipped me off about this Reuters story.

One day back at the office and Thomas Mulcair and his crew have intro'd a bill that "...would allow Quebec to leave Canada if there were a simple majority vote on a clear question - 50 percent plus one vote, offering clues to NDP policy on the matter if it wins the 2015 election."

We already have this thing called The Clarity Act and the fellow who wrote it, Stephane Dion points out that  "...the NDP was in the absurd position of requiring a two-thirds majority to amend the party's constitution but a bare majority to break up Canada."

This shows that to Equipe Thomas Mulcair the party supersedes the nation.


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