Thursday, January 17, 2013

5524...Idle No More No So Popular


The Huff Post reported earlier this day that "...a new poll reveals Canadians aren't exactly behind the demonstrations. And money management on First Nations reserves seems to be at the heart of the discontent.
Interestingly my own personal observation in your capital has been that if they serve beer in quarts or pitchers at the place I am at the consensus is the same as above.  If the joint serves lattes the folks in the joint are more pro First Nations.
My fave is when I hear white folks, I am Irish btw, that is pretty white, refer to themselves as settlers.  Not really, at least not for this guy.   Bred and born in Ottawa, Grace Hospital y'all.
The big concern of course is money and the mis use thereof.  Fact of the matter is our FN friends need to rev up their PR.  The poll indicated that "...60 per cent of Canadians said most First Nations problems are 'brought on by themselves,' an increase from 35 per cent in 1989.

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