Thursday, January 24, 2013

5558...Tim Hudak And Plan Destroy Ontario

So here is the Progressive Conservative leader's plan for Ontario.

First bring in RTW, Right To Work, which will destroy unions and save us money by having ten dollar an hour bus drivers and and and.

Secondly, as part of Tim Hudak's war on the poor, he intends to cut back on welfare coz, apparently, everyone on welfare is a freeloader and, even though they are 68 per cent below the poverty line, are living large.

Thirdly he is going to put 10,000 school support staff in the welfare que, which I certain I spelled wrong, by firing their asses.

Says so in today's Ottawa Citizen.  "Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party wants to halt the rollout of full-day kindergarten, increase class sizes, cut 10,000 support staff positions, introduce standardized testing for Grade 8 students to measure their scientific knowledge, and build new schools faster in burgeoning suburbs."

Plus they want to increase class sizes by about 15 per cent.

The difference between Mr. Hudak and whomever takes over the Libs in Ontario is that we know for sure that Mr. Hudak is telling the truth.  That is scary.


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