Monday, January 21, 2013

5543...Home Stretch In Ontario For Liberals/Preem

So here is the deal.  The front runners are two women, imagine, neck and neck.  Windsor's Sandra Pupatello  and the GTA's Kathleen Wynne.

Ms. Pupatello did not run last time out coz she, well I presume she offered the same old "...I want to spend more time with my family..." bullsh*t.  Truth be told she just got tired of doing the heavy lifting required at Queen's Park and wanted to make some money.  Then this fell into her lap.

Electorally Ms. Wynne has three things that will make her a difficult sell to Ontarioioioians.  First off she is from Toronto and you know how the rest of Ontario feels about   Secondly she is a woman.  Oh yeah, that matters.  Thirdly she is a homosexual.  That matters too.

For those of you inclined to forget history let me remind you that our current Premier, Dalton McGuinty, came off the backbenches in '99, had zero chance of becoming leader and became leader.  Frankly I don't see that happening this time out just coz the organizational skills that surround Mr. McGuinty are not present this time out.


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