Saturday, January 19, 2013

5533...Manti T'eo Has A Future In Politics

He's a liar, he by the way is the closeted Notre Dame star and former sure fire first rounder until this week's breaking news about his non existent/never was girlfriend.

As I wrote above Manti T'eo is a liar but he is so good at layering lies upon lies that he could get a job in The Prime Minister's Office Monday.

He told ESPN's Jeremy Schapp that he was lying then, sorta, but he isn't lying now and he never knew her coz she didn't exist but he did lie about knowing her but he isn't lying now and it was all a big hoax but he is a victim not a victimizer and you should feel sorry for him and yes this makes no sense but one thing is for sure.

He has a future in politics.


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