Sunday, January 20, 2013

5539...Brian Mulroney On First Nation's

QMI had a piece this day on their interview with the only Prime Minister to produce not one but two TV talking heads, Brian Mulroney.

The former leader "...spoke to QMI Agency about the Idle No More movement, where native Canadians have been protesting across the country against what is seen as attacks on their sovereignty by the Canadian government.  He said that native and non-native leaders in Canada have a 'reasonable chance' to resolve the crisis if they all come together for negotiations.  However, Mulroney warned, if talks don't involve all parties, 'then the chances are zero.'"

Mr. Mulroney, who was the boss during the Oka crisis two plus decades ago, stated the unstated obvious when he said that  "'We have to understand that after 145 years since Confederation, Canada has failed its native population,' "

Your move Stephen Harper.


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