Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4288...Junior Hockey Makes The New York Times

That's what my friend Len Berman tells me. He lives in New York City so it is easier for him to read The Old Gray Lady, eh?

Mr. Berman interprets the article below:

3. Dropping the Gloves

What, ban fighting from hockey? What a concept. A front page story, no less, in yesterday's New York Times suggests that junior hockey in the U.S. and Canada will banish fighting from the sport. It has taken the concussion and head trauma issues to get us to this point. I've been railing against fighting in hockey for over 40 years. But the customers love it and ownership feels attendance will suffer without hooliganism. So answer this, hockey establishment, how come there's no fighting in the Olympics or the NHL playoffs and both of those tournaments are great? And isn't it embarrassing to the NHL that minor leagues, and not you, are the ones trying to clean up the sport?

Let's see what Don Cherry has to say about this, double eh.


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