Saturday, February 25, 2012

4272...Bullying Is Out Of Control

Not the actual bullying; all the whining about it.

I know I sound insensitive but instead of having endless town meetings like the one CTVOttawa hosted Thursday night kids would be better off if they were taught to fight back and tell on their abusers.

That is what bullying is. It is abuse.

I know what I am talking about. The high school I went to, St. Pius X, was a bad school for bullying. More than half of the male clergy, priests, at and affiliated with St. Pius, have been either indicted or convicted for being sexual predators which is the ultimate form of bullying. Oh, yeah, we also had the first Columbine at SPX. A shooting. That's pretty f'd up too.

When one of bullies died about a decade ago, his name was Father Paul Baxter, I remember being at the Prescott Hotel in Ottawa talking to a friend of mine who was a major jock at SPX and we concluded, rightfully, that guys like Paul Baxter didn't pick on the big kids, the tough kids, the popular kids. He didn't pick on me and my friend. No, he and his fellow bullies preyed on the vulnerable. This was a man who would take temper tantrums in class, throw things, hit children. And he wasn't the only one.

He, by the way, was never busted because back then, in the '70s, Father whomever wasn't challenged.

Personally, I never got bullied. By never of course I don't mean never never; after all I spent 13 years in Catholic school so I got hit more than a few times by teachers and staff but that was part of the routine. Nothing serious though and I was 12 in grade nine, the perfect target, but I was having none of that. I got expelled coz I had the audacity to run for student president but I never got bullied or molested.

I think it is important to teach your children well and part of that is to teach them to fight back against the bullies of the world.


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