Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4283...Fattest States In The Nation

Now before you get too smug I have to remind you that last week The Ottawa Sun had a story that stated that half the people in Ottawa, over half, are considered obese.

Seven years ago only 45 per cent of Ottawans were obese.

For the record, the WFDS was obese [BMI over 30] seven years ago but now I am just overweight with a BMI of of 29. Ish.

If we included the Ottawa Valley, east and west plus Western Quebec, your capital region would have to be in the sixty per cent range re fatties.

According to WebMd the three fattest states in The States are Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia. Their definition of obesity must be a bit more lenient than The Ottawa Sun's coz the number of ff2x4s [fattie fattie two by fours] in each of the porkiest states was a bit over 30 per cent.

Heavy, an A&E show that debuted this season, states that 100 million Americans are having health problems coz of their weight.

Food for thought for pols on both sides of the border.

I would write more but Pizza Pizza is at my door.


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