Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4257...Note To Vic Toews

You know all those new laws you and your boss are bringing in? They've been tested in the States and guess what? They don't work.

Listen to me, I don't care who you are sleeping with, who got the best deal in your divorce or whether or not you secretly cheer for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

But...I do care that you are going to put people in jail and cost Canada beaucoup d'argent and tons of human resources with your stupid, as in dumb, mandatory sentencing bullsh*t.

Hey, it isn't just me talking.

The Canadian Press dropped a piece this morning that quoted Eric E. Sterling, one of the lawyers who helped U.S. politicians write mandatory-minimum sentencing laws during the 1980s who says that "...imposing long jail terms for minor drug offences has been a mistake in the U.S. and won't work in Canada...When you start going down this road of building more prisons and sending people away for long periods of time, and you convince yourself that this is going to deter people you've made a colossal mistake...We have learned the hard way that long sentences are not deterring people from selling drugs when the profits are so great."

Or, and even Mr. Sterling doesn't get this, when the profits aren't so great.

May be people just like to get high, smoke weed and don't think it out re getting busted. This probably accounts for the fact that the USA has about half a million, according to Mr. Sterling, folks in jail for dope and they are not all Pablo Escobars.


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