Sunday, January 3, 2010

1521...In Today's Sun

The British one, the scurrilous tabloid that I love to read and read and re read has a story today about a rapist, barman Steven Relf, 40, who was jailed indefinitely after admitting raping two women he targeted when he served them drinks in a pub. What our hero did was drop special pop rocks into their drinks and then have his way with the unsuspecting women. In fact the two he admitted assaulting are merely the tip of the iceberg say police in the United Kingdom; they estimate he may have raped 40 women, give or take.

He did not just make the paper for being a scum bag, he made it because he is a whining scum bag. He complained that his human rights were infringed upon by having to share a prison cell with a proselytizing Christian.  The rapist's, uh, prayers were answered and the Bible thumper was transfered to another cell at Manchester Prison.

Praise the Lord.


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