Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1588...Canadian Civil War Brewing

And it ain't Quebec that is going to be wearing Grey.

It is Alberta.

In a move that he hopes will shore up his fast fading stewardship of the Conservative dynasty in the wild rose province, Alberta Premier has moved his attack dog, Ted Morton, into finance and told him to go after Ottawa toute and suite.

Gillian Steward, a Calgary based journo who contributes to the Toronto Star, reports that Minister "Morton grew up in Casper, Wyo., where his father was a Republican state senator. He has a PhD in political economy from the University of Toronto and was a popular political science professor at the University of Calgary, working alongside Tom Flanagan, Harper's former mentor, before he was elected to the legislature in late 2004. Two years later his strong bid for the Conservative leadership created a tight three-way race that allowed Stelmach to slip up the middle and take the crown as the compromise candidate. "

This is the man who, back in 2000, along with Stephen Harper, demanded that then Premier Ralph Klein "...withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan, establish its own police force and take over responsibility for health-care policy...[and] declared that provinces should raise their own revenue for health care and replace the Canada Health and Social Transfer cash with tax points."

He refers to himself as "every liberal's worst nightmare - a right- winger with a PhD." And now he is Premier Stelmach's attack dog.



  1. In referring to himself as "every liberal's worst nightmare - a right- winger with a PhD.", Morton implies that such beasts are rare. I imagine he's correct; I know I haven't met one.

  2. Lol... Brian: I was thinking EXACTLY that. He may be a PhD., but perhaps "just barely". ... Lol... Rare beast indeed. Nice of him to pay we Liberals such a compliment!