Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1585...Yep, They Hired Him

They be the Buffalo-Toronto Bills of the NFL an he being Chan Gailey, mediocre professional football coach.

There are a number of problems with the Bills that make them less attractive [if you are from Toronto, Niagara, Hamilton or anywheres in between, stop reading now] to potential coaches like Stanford's Jim Harbaugh, former NFL coaches Bill Cowher, Brian Billick and Mike Shanahan.

For starters they have a 90 plus year old owner who hasn't set up a succession plan for the team. Note to Ralph Wilson: we are all going to die but you are going to die sooner than the rest of us, get with the succession plan.

Secondly, location.

The town, the area and the secondary towns that the team is affiliated with [Rochester and Toronto] are difficult sells to free agents and prime time players in their prime. Although I personally like both Buffalo and the city that the Bills may move to after Mr. Wilson pops his clogs, Toronto, they are in the bottom percentile of places players wanna play in and coaches wanna coach in.

When they were winning, two decades ago that was, it was different, but now that they suck the pipe, not so good.

So, as Gene Mauchish Chan Gailey is, may be he is the best they could get.


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