Friday, January 1, 2010

1513...Better Than Sex

Women think fitting into old jeans is 'better than sex'

That is the headline in today's Daily Telegram.

35 per cent of Brit women admit owning a pair of trophy jeans, jeans that they used to look lean and mean and sexy in and that they will be able to slide into again.


Like after they close the food court.

Asked by Special K, 29.1 per cent said it would be better to get into those jeans than to have sex. "28.9 per cent thought it would beat a promotion, 20.6 per cent believed it would top a best friend's wedding, 20.3 per cent said it would feel better than a lottery win and 11.1 per cent thought it would beat a marriage proposal."



  1. I seriously doubt that you have ever had sex...

  2. Only once.

    With your mother.

    Say hello for me.