Monday, December 31, 2012

5476...57 Channels And Nothing On

Actually it is closer to 1,000 than it is to 57, at least with Rogers, and there is nothing on.

It cannot be that hard, cannit?



  1. Agreed. Rogers (and Bell) suck.

    Try an IP block with a monthly subscription to Netflix. Better yet, download.

    If you don't like either, there's loads of indie content with the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and so on.

    Don't forget about the NFB.

  2. With Shaw I receive TVO, Knowledge Network from BC which are wonderful. Vision is not too bad and PBS which is also not too bad and of course MSNBC which pleases me greatly with its truth telling. The rest are mostly trash, CBC included now, a situation which I hope can be changed in the future. CPAC is pretty darned good too, but then everyone isn't a political junky like me.