Sunday, December 9, 2012

5421...The Quality Of Mercy Is Strained In Canada

I don't think this is a new thing, you may recall the St. Louis and Louis Riel if you don't believe, but the occasions of nasty in Canada still baffle and upset me.

The latest one I picked up from a two week old Globe And Mail that was hanging about.  It seems that Edmonton's "...23-year-old Saeed Jama...a convicted drug dealer who is effectively stateless..." and a not so great guy, drug dealer, obstructing police type of not so great guy, was nabbed in a routine traffic stop in the capital of Alberta.  Now the man, who has lived in Canada since he was in primary school is being bumped to his homeland, Somalia.  This is a place he has never been in, has no relatives and generally speaking is Dodge City with AK 47s.



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