Saturday, December 29, 2012

5469...Sean Hannity Talks Guns And 1776

Sean Hannity is the afternoon drive host on WABC New York and is syndicated to a bazillion stations in the US of A.  He is also on FOX News.

My man in Hong Kong, Eric Abelev, said that Mr. Hannity had this to say about gun control on the telly:  "I don't have to dig up the founding fathers to know that they would have wanted all Americans to be able to defend themselves. And that includes the use of semi automatic and automatic weapons."

That takes care of that then.


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  1. One of the most glib voices I've ever listened to. I'm not denying his talent or capability.. I just wonder why gawd put such a pedantic and shallow chip in his brain. (which raises the question of why gawd almighty left Rush Limbaugh without a chip at all .. just an empty head and big mouth...)

    Of course the founding fathers (were there no founding mothers?) would want Americans to be able to defend themselves..

    I just don't think they realized the enemy would be within .. would be prone to attacking six year old school children, firefighters, teachers, students, politicians, mothers, daughters, sons.. movie go'ers, shoppers, bystanders with automatic and semi automatic assault weapons..