Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5432...I Told Justin Trudeau To STFU

The legions that follow the WFDS will recall I gave him that advice earlier this autumn.

Does he listen to the WFDS?


What happens?

Eric Grenier in The Huffington Post writes that JT's polling digits are decent but "...these numbers may not be as good as they appear at first glance. Though Trudeau clearly transforms the Liberals' chances, the 31 per cent registered in this poll is far below the 39 per cent that a Trudeau-led Liberal Party took in a mid-November poll by Forum Research, or the 42 per cent who told Harris-Decima they would be certain or likely to vote Liberal if Trudeau was leader."

Why do you think Mr. Trudeau is slipping Mr. Grenier?  "Both of those [polls] were conducted before the recent spate of gaffes by the leadership candidate, suggesting the incidents may have put a dent in Trudeau's appeal."

JT take a page from the Barack Obama Playbook and STFU.  

If not for yourself do it for the good of your countries.


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