Saturday, December 29, 2012

5472...Chief Spence Is Looking For A Way Out

Diets, as you will discover January 2nd, are tough to keep.  A fast or a cleanse, exponentially more difficult.  And a nationally publicized hunger strike has to be infinitely harder than the first two situations referenced in this paragraph.

The first line of the story about her in today's Globe and Mail caught my attention.  "Native leader Theresa Spence is showing signs of compromise, dropping her bottom-line demand for a face-to-face meeting with the Prime Minister before she ends her hunger strike."

She may not be at crunch time yet but she will hit that point a lot sooner than later.  She has to be scared.  And looking for a way out.


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  1. Well, that's a stupid comment by the Globe & Mail. Chief Spence has never asked to meet with the Prime Minister. What's she's actually demanded, from the very beginning, is that Canadian leaders meet with First Nations leaders to discuss and resolve First Nations and Canadian relations. I don't know when her demands were mis-characterized or misrepresented by whoever, but I've been following the media narrative for the past couple weeks, and her demands have been poorly (and possibly deliberately) distorted by the media. Her demands have always been the same, since the very beginning.
    And if you need a characterization of Chief Spence: ""The chief is a strong-spirited, determined individual," said Danny Metatawabin. "We need to get the message out to the prime minister of Canada."