Sunday, December 23, 2012

5453...Goebellesque CSBC Hates On Mayor Ford

The man who is both king of Hogtown and a CFRB talk show host has been taken to task by the The Canadian  Broadcast Standards Council about something that he said on his show.

Wait, no, that is wrong, what Rob Ford is in trouble for is something a guest of his, David Menzies, said on his program.

680News reports that was has the self appointed bullies of the Canadian airwaves all moist is that "Menzies was responding to questions about the mayor’s obesity and the possibility that he could suffer a heart attack in office.  Menzies hypothesized about asking Smitherman a similar question regarding contracting HIV.  The council ruled that the comments about the openly gay Smitherman violated its code of ethics."

The council has its head up its ass.


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