Friday, May 11, 2012

4628...Stephen Harper Tell Him To Shut UP

Jacques Gourde, the only member of your Quebec caucus that you did not make Honourable, is b*tching that times were better when the Bloc, you know, the Bloc Quebecois, the Quislings that want to destroy our country, were in Parliament coz they spoke french.

According to what I read in the Kingston Whig-Standard Mr. Gourde is pissed.  "It is an insult to our identity as Quebecers to see the NDP MPs from Quebec put half their questions in English...When the Bloc Quebecois was there, they asked all their questions in French and it brought a certain proportion of French in the House of Commons."

By the way Mr. Gourde did not say the above in english coz he cannot speak english.  

He's just a whiny b*tch and a hypocrite in my opinion; typical of the Stephen Harpers.


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