Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tomorrow on the wireless, http://www.ckcufm.com/ and 93.1CKCU over the air in Ottawa/Gatineau at 6 am I, the World Famous Dan Shields, will, theoretically, be chatting in studio with Brad MordenArtistic DirectorLittle Voice Big Sound...he says he is bringing me a coffee...I like him.

Brad is promoting Ottawa's Art Out Loud Opening Show - January 30th. Little Voice Big Sound is launching the first in a full year series showcasing the diversity of Ottawa's artistic talent. Over the course of 2009, Little Voice Big Sound will bring together visual artists, local musicians, poets, dancers and actors to share their artistic expression of solidarity for a more positive world. Venues will range across the city and integrate all elements of Ottawa's artistic and cultural communities.

The Grand Opening EventDate: Friday, January 30thPlace: Don Monet's CUBE Gallery, 7 Hamilton Ave. N., right next to the Ugly Club [aka the Carleton Tavern]. Just get off the Queensway at Parkdale and head north to Armstrong and hang a left.

This is going to be a brilliant show and I am looking forward to talking to Brad and maybe schmoozing a bit with the glitterati of Hintonburg at the event.

Also tomorrow morning, tic, the man with the 7 person fan club [which is 7 more than I have...] and I will argue about something inane from 6 30 am til 7.

Finally, tomorrow night, in my living room, on The Score, Carleton men, number 1 in Canada play the Gee Gee's D'U of Ottawa, the number 2 team in Canada live from Scotia Bank Place. The women's teams who are also quite competitive this year, play at six pm. If you come over, please, bring libations.


That is why I got a degree in English.

So I can use words like libation.

Without sounding like a toff.



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