Friday, October 19, 2012

5250...A True Conservative Gets Caught Cheating reports that "Labradorians — including former MP Todd Russell are using some harsh words to describe Peter Penashue's overspending on his federal election campaign.  'Peter was a cheater. It's as simple as that,' said Russell, who was the Liberal incumbent but lost by a mere 79 votes in last year's election."

The Honourable Peter Penashue, he is the minister of something vaguely consequential, overspent by many Ks.  That is beaucoup d'argent especially with the paltry amount of cash one is allowed to spend to cover any riding, let alone a big ass one like Labrador's Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
The Honourable Cheater's response is "...ooops, my bad..."
Canada usta be a democracy; not so much anymore eh Stephen Harper?

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